How can we transform conflict at home, at work, in our communities and in the world?
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3S in the News

Third Side efforts in the Venezuelan Crisis

Report: The Carter Center and the Peacebuilding Process in Venezuela, June 2002 -February 2005 (English and Spanish)

Latest News -- multiple stories (Articles are in Spanish -- go to to translate.)

Overview of the Third Side in Venezuela By Gregory Wilpert (English and Spanish Versions) February 2003

The Third Side: Base for Peace. (Article is in Spanish -- go to to translate.)

OAS Push for Chavez-Opposition Dialogue Stalls. Online Pioneer December 5, 2002

Third Side efforts in other contexts

Mobilizing the Third Side for a Winning Alliance against Violence. September 2007

Communities of Peace in Colombia. November 2003

Third Side Freedom Ride: Evoking the Past to Invoke A Future. By Robert V. Thompson. June 2003.

Helping the 'Negotiation Revolution'. December 8, 2002

Teaching About the Third Side. Conflict Management in Higher Education Report October 2002

Master Negotiator Tells How to Keep Squabbles From Turning Into Nasty Fights. Bottom Line Secrets 2002

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All. The Communication Project Activity Kit 2002.

William Ury: Without Communication there is no Negotiation. Management Web 2001. (Article is in Spanish -- go to to translate.)

Mobilizing the Third Side to Prevent Terrorism. William L. Ury December 14, 2001

Peacefully Resolving Conflicts. Rev. Robert V. Thompson, Chair, Parliament of the World's Religions December 5, 2001

Give Peace A Chance. Calgary Herald October 3, 2001

Program on Negotiation Fellows Present Five Cases of The Third Side in Action. October 2001

Jerusalem--City of Three Faiths. Interfaith Center for Peace October 2000

Third-Party Peacebrokers Push Migration of the Minds. The World Paper September 2000

A 'third' way to manage conflict.The Hamilton Spectator April 8, 2000

Ury's Sweet Peace and Kaplan's Dark Anarchy: Different Words, Same Song? Radical Middle Newsletter March/April 2000

Taking the Third Side: A best-selling author makes a pitch for getting involved. Andover Bulletin Spring 2000

Challenging the 'necessity' of violence. Christian Science Monitor January 20, 2000

Getting to Peace. Calgary Herald January 9, 2000

Conflcit in Chechnya demands a 'third side'. USA Today, November 15, 1999

The War in Chechnya. Online Newshour October 25, 1999

Preventing Urban Violence: A Community-Based Solution.

conferencia de William Ury. Argentina. July 1, 1998

If you have a story or have a found news article of the Third Side in Action we would appreciate the stories so we can learn more ourselves and post them for others. Please email us at