How can we transform conflict at home, at work, in our communities and in the world?
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3S Stories and Case Studies

Stories are powerful tools to bring to life the experience of the Third Side. Stories can transform one's understanding and even at times provide guidance and inspiration to those in conflict. These stories are a few of the many 3S stories that are being shared around the world. The stories here are grouped into general stories, and stories emphasizing each of the nine thirdside roles.

To view stories posted by other Thirdsiders and share your own 3S stories please visit the Idea Exchange: Share 3S Stories . You can also email stories to us at

Case Studies of the Third Side in Action
A number of case studies have been developed to exhibit: 1. how the Third Side gets mobilized and becomes active; and 2. what the most significant barriers to the Third Side's emergence are and why these have proven so difficult to overcome. These case studies are excellent resources for teachers, study groups, or others interested in the Third Side in actual conflict situations.

  • Tuzla, The Third Side, and the Bosnian War
    By Joshua N. Weiss, Ph.D.
    Download case study (PDF)

  • The Role of Third Side in Peace Talk: Toward Effective Means of Dispute Resolution By Chang In Shin, Ph.D.
    Download case study (PDF)

  • Privatization in Germany: Lessons from a Third Side Case Study By Mark Young
    Download case study (PDF)

  • "Whose Land Is It Anyway?" The Third Side's Response to Indian Land Claim Conflicts in Upstate New York
    By Brian Blancke and Bianca Wulff
    Download case study (PDF)

  • TB in Peru: How the Third Side Mobilized a Global Response to a Burgeoning Health Crisis By Rebecca J. Wolfe
    Download case study (PDF)

Audio 3S Stories
The following are a series of radio programs featuring the Third Side in a number of different conflicts around the world. These shows aired on the show "A World of Possibilities", which is hosted by Mark Sommer and produced by the Mainstream Media Project.

  • Will the Center Hold? Taming the Terror in Northern Ireland
    Show date August 24, 2004
    Click to play audio

  • Negotiating Apartheid's End: South Africa's Turbulent Transition
    Show date January 25, 2005
    Click to play audio

  • Making Peace in Venezuela
    Show date February 1, 2005
    Click to play audio

  • Crossfire to Cease Fire: Moving the Media from Slash and Burn to Listen and Learn
    Show date February 15, 2005
    Click to play audio