Como podemos transformar os conflitos em casa, no trabalho, em nossas comunidades, e no mundo?
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What is the Third Side?

The Third Side is a way of looking at the conflicts around us not just from one side or the other but from the larger perspective of the surrounding community.

Taking the Third Side means

  • Seeking to understand both sides of the conflict
  • Encouraging a process of cooperative negotiation
  • Supporting a wise solution - one that fairly meets the essential needs of both sides and the community

    You can have natural sympathies for one side or the other and still choose to take the Third Side.

Who are the Thirdsiders?

Any of us can take the Third Side anytime
at home, at work, in the community,
and in the world.

The Third Side is made up of both insiders, such as friends, family, and even the parties themselves, who are in turn actively supported by outsiders, such as neighbors, neutrals, and bystanders.

Third Side Opportunities

We have at least three major opportunities to transform conflict from destructive fighting into constructive change: Prevention, Resolution, and Containment.